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 Who is Eric Doden and Why is He So Desperate to Hide His Past?

Desperate Eric Doden has been using donations from people who received taxpayer funded benefits while he was running the Indiana Economic Development Corporation and Greater Fort Wayne to fund his campaign to hide from his liberal record, his support for Communist China, and his past shady business dealings while serving in taxpayer funded roles.

Desperate Doden is no conservative, he is a crooked pro-China RINO whose record is better suited for the Democratic primary.

Desperate Doden’s self-dealing at the Indiana Economic Development Corporation and Greater Fort Wayne raise major questions about his real motivation to run for Governor:

  • As head of the Indiana Economic Development Corporation, Doden awarded $6 million dollars in taxpayer funded incentives to companies that he had a financial interest in even after a state ethics opinion determined the actions would be violation of state conflict of interest laws.

  • One week after Doden became CEO of Greater Fort Wayne Inc, the city’s redevelopment agency approved $3.5 million in taxpayer funds for Doden’s CityScape Flats development.

  • Doden’s campaign is now being funded by over $1 million dollars in donations tied to businesses that profited from his time at the IEDC and Greater Fort Wayne Inc. 1

Desperate Doden’s record of spending taxpayer money to benefit the Chinese government and send Indiana jobs overseas shows he’s no ‘conservative’ businessman: 

  • As head of the IEDC, Doden awarded $5 million to GE to build jet engines for the Chinese government in its effort to challenge American aviation. The Chinese government used the project to create a spy program designed to steal aviation technology from the United States.

  • Under Doden’s leadership the IEDC awarded $24 million in taxpayer funded incentives to 10 companies that sent jobs to foreign countries while terminating 3,800 Indiana jobs during the same period.

 Eric Doden is desperate after nearly two years of running for governor and failing to get any traction or excitement behind his message. No wonder he has to resort to lies and relying on people he gave taxpayer money to in order to keep his failing campaign alive.